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Video interview with Esfira Maiman
Robert Hans Olschwanger - Esfira's cousin

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We also got in touch with Romek's son, Mr. Jacek Slawinksi, who knew his great-aunt story and was moved to tears.

At the same time, we put together a special file, including evidences, which we conveyed to Yad Vashem with a request to have Stacha recognized as Righteous among Nations. We are proud to learn that Yad Vashem has agreed to bestow the title to Stanislawa Stacha Slawinska. A brave hero who put her life at risk to save those who were persecuted by the Nazis.

Last but not least, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, faithful to its commitment to educate the younger generations, is preparing a far-reaching educational programme that will underscore the courageous feats of Stacha.

We are also planning to hold a tribute ceremony in Warsaw, with the attendance of Polish and Israeli dignitaries, as well as representatives of the Catholic church and other religions.

We have ordered from the Israel Postal Authority two special issues of stamps, one featuring the portrait and name of Stanislawa Slawinska and the other featuring a joint photo of the two unlikely sisters.


Stanislawa Slawinska saved not only Esfira Maiman. She also saved her future generations and above all, she saved the dignity of mankind.





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